Phoenix High School COVID-19 Response
Updated 4/3/20 
Credit Process
Students and Parents: In response to the COVID-19 closures Phoenix High School is assisting students and families as much as possible.  After careful consideration, the following will be implemented starting immediately:  
(Students, before you ask questions please read all 4 items below, your questions will likely be answered at the end.)
1. After a student has completed 3 credits in a course during the 2nd semester he/she will be granted up to 2 additional credits in that course!  This includes credits previously earned  DURING THE 2ND SEMESTER ONLY. When looking at the credit sheet, credits completed during Semester 2 pre- closure are designated with RED.  Credits completed Semester 2 post-closure or via distance learning are shown in CYAN (teal).  And any potential credits that may be granted are shown in MAGENTA, without a date.  Once the student has earned the required 3, any potential credits will be given a date by the teacher.  
2. Credits granted will only apply to the specific course in which the student completed the 3 credits. Example: if you completed 3 US History credits and only need 1 additional credit, you would not be granted a 2nd credit in Economics.  In English the credits are granted only for one grade level ahead. Example: if you completed 3 English 9 credits and only needed 1 additional English 9 credit, you can get an Eng 10 credit waived but would not be able to skip ahead more than one grade level to English 11 .  
3. The MAGENTA credits without dates are potential credits, they will disappear from credit sheets if the student has not earned the required 3 by the time school is in session again.  Please remember: this program is for students passing a course. You must complete work to receive any granted credits.If you have only completed 2 credits in a course by the end of this school year, you will not be granted any additional credits - work wisely and don’t procrastinate!  Once students have earned their 3 credits, the teacher will put a date on the credit sheet, meaning the credits have been granted.
4. While we have worked very hard to provide a simple and fair program to assist during these tough times, we understand each Phoenix High School student is in a different position and students may have questions about how this applies to them.  We are here to answer your questions! All questions, concerns, comments about credits should be directed to Mrs. Gruber  Any questions about required work by subject should be directed to the teacher.  
  • Students working on an already modified credit sheet (AB 167 or the WPUSD Alternative Diploma) will not be granted any credits in the courses where credits have already been waived.
We sincerely hope you are safe and healthy during this time.  Communication is a major factor for success at Phoenix High School.  Please contact any staff members at Phoenix if you are struggling. We are here to help you!