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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Good morning!

The school year has started out much different than all other years for as long as anyone can remember.  With all of the staff returning, we were lucky enough to start off with about 20 new students at Phoenix alone!  ATLAS also added a large number of new students!  Everyone is busy getting to know everyone, and trying very hard to remember all of the new names and faces!!!  As of the 5th week of school, Phoenix is full.  BRIM FULL!

Also new this year is Student Council!  At the end of last year Phoenix had elections and Alexis Hernandez Nunez is the Phoenix President, Bryce Breech is the Vice President, Kyra Conway is the Secretary and Nate Meeks is the Treasurer.  Leadership/Student Council meetings are held on Wednesdays during 3rd period.  Lots of ideas are headed our way!!  The group is also helping Mrs. Hollis plan our Third Annual Career Fair (stay tuned, it’s Wednesday, October 17).

Girls Group has also been reborn!  Angela Henning at The Foundry is volunteering to come in Wednesdays during 4th period to open communication for all girls at Phoenix.  Last week was the first meeting and was successful.  All who joined participated and got something out of it.  Thank you, Angela!  Mrs. Nelson is working to get a Guys Group going as soon as possible!!

Mrs. Nelson’s yoga on Wednesday (with Vincent) and Friday each week has a lot of new interest.  PE (with Chuck) on Tuesday and Thursday each week is VERY popular, and VERY competitive!  The Friday Huddle during 4th period is well on its way, and there are a few new regular items on the agenda.  “Chuck Says” started at the end of last year.  We are always looking forward to the new photo Chuck puts together.  Friday Fun Fact has been added this year and is a hoot.

As we speak there is a camping trip going on in Utah to hike and enjoy both Bryce and Zion National Parks.  Check out the ATLAS website for updates and photos! (  It is the largest group on a trip so far!  Mr. Nelson, Mr. Salinger and Mrs. Nelson are trekking with the students.  We look forward to a slide show and student reflections at the Friday Huddle after they return!!

We are also continuing with a successful new program we started last year – mini courses.  These are week long courses where direct instruction returns for a particular standard or standards in different courses.  Students who sign up for the course will be in the same classroom all day, all week.  It is a great way to help students get past some difficult concepts while enjoying class discussions and team work.  We did a few pilots last year and they were wildly successful and very popular among the students.  So far there has been one math mini course.  Next week Mr. Nelson will be doing a History/English/Economics mini course for ATLAS during zero period, as well as Phoenix during the regular school day! 

Our resident artist, Nina has had two Art classes so far this year.  Last week if was tie dying shirts, and was exhausting for everyone involved, but what great shirts!!  This week Bryna H., Nina’s intern, will teach her first art class.  Her advisor at Sierra College will be in to observe.  How great is that!

We have high expectations for a really great and very big graduating class this year.  Stay tuned as we have a few students who should graduate in the first semester.

Welcome back!