"Most times teachers don't understand the impact they have on their students.  It's no question that working in the world of education is filled with challenges and triumphs.  However, sometimes the challenges seem to outweigh the joys.  Teaching art is an extraordinary career, but teachers never know how students will react to their lessons for the day.  However, when Nina Mazzo walks in the room everyone is enlightened with her happiness and insiration!  Nina, you have been more than just a teacher for all the students, but also a role model.  The work you do is completely voluntary and so impactful.  I'm so incredibly honored to have your acquaintance in my life.  Thank you for everything you do.  From all of us at PHS!" - Bryce Breech

"I've grown more than I could ever imagine.  The activities I was able to not only attend, but create, the adventures I got to explore with ATLAS, and the people I got to meet on the way.  They were dreams I never thought would've been reality.  Phoenix High School, this is not the last of me, thanks to the help from Chuck, I'm on the path to be the next Whitecotton in 11 years.  For my final words, never half send it, always full send it.  Thank you." - Alexis Hernandez Nunez

"I've learned a lot about myself at Phoenix, like that procrastination does not mean that elves will come and do my work in the middle of the night.  Also that it's important to be open and communicate in order to succeed.  Finally, I leaned that effort gets results and when I apply myself, they are pretty solid results." - Nathan Meeks


"Some key moments that stood out to me from my short time here at Phoenix were when I first arrived and realized that every teacher genuinely cares about you not only as a student but also as a person, and at the end of the second semester when my parents were actually happy to see a report card for the first time in years.  I learned a lot of important lessons at Phoenix High inside and outside of the classrooms that will help me immensely as time goes on , but the most vital in my opinion was how to be independent.  I believe this skill has prepared me for the future more than I know now." - Stewie Eskridge


"I am proud of myself for never giving up when there are so many times I could have.  Phoenix really does give second, third and even fourth chances to graduate.  To all of the future grads out there, never give up!" - Nick Ulloa