"I learned a few things after going to Phoenix about the school itself and what it is for.  The school is for learning, as many schools are, however, this school is learning how you choose.  The Phoenix mascot isn't simply a cool mascot like I had originally thought, but rather symbolism.  Transferring from Lincoln to Phoenix can be seen as a rebirth, it makes you think about everything you've been doing in school and you realize that you must graduate, there is no alternative.  This is more than just a school for people behind in credits, people who have struggles in their life, people who have seen failure on several occasions.  This is a chance to work hard, and achieve what you could not before." - Shawn Jay

"I've had plenty of moments and delightful memories to single one moment out on its own.  Everyone at Phoenix is family, students and teachers.  Yes, we tick each other off, but at the end of the day we are laughing and having a wonderful time." - Roger Garcia


"School work wasn't the only thing I learned while attending Phoenix High School, a few lessons have given me a new outlook on life and have been embedded deep into my psyche....I acquired a whole new outlook on life.  Before, I only used to see things in black and white terms.  That is not the case, though, I now have come to realize that there is a grey side of everything.  This lesson I learned at Phoenix High School." - Dante DelVillar


"If there is only one thing Phoenix taught me it is that no matter what, there is always another way.  They taught me that I had a second chance all along.  There was this solution waiting for me." - Ronnie Jo Thompson


"Our teachers are amazing, but we can't forget everyone else who has been here to help us on our journey to adulthood....  I'd also like to thank Google for being there for me whenever I was in doubt.  So, thank you Google; you're like a second father to me!" - Kiely Hecht