District Wide Broadcast Message

Phoenix High School COVID-19 Response
Updated 4/3/20 
Credit Process
Students and Parents: In response to the COVID-19 closures Phoenix High School is assisting students and families as much as possible.  After careful consideration, the following will be implemented starting immediately:  
(Students, before you ask questions please read all 4 items below, your questions will likely be answered at the end.)
1. After a student has completed 3 credits in a course during the 2nd semester he/she will be granted up to 2 additional credits in that course!  This includes credits previously earned  DURING THE 2ND SEMESTER ONLY. When looking at the credit sheet, credits completed during Semester 2 pre- closure are designated with RED.  Credits completed Semester 2 post-closure or via distance learning are shown in CYAN (teal).  And any potential credits that may be granted are shown in MAGENTA, without a date.  Once the student has earned the required 3, any potential credits will be given a date by the teacher.  
2. Credits granted will only apply to the specific course in which the student completed the 3 credits. Example: if you completed 3 US History credits and only need 1 additional credit, you would not be granted a 2nd credit in Economics.  In English the credits are granted only for one grade level ahead. Example: if you completed 3 English 9 credits and only needed 1 additional English 9 credit, you can get an Eng 10 credit waived but would not be able to skip ahead more than one grade level to English 11 .  
3. The MAGENTA credits without dates are potential credits, they will disappear from credit sheets if the student has not earned the required 3 by the time school is in session again.  Please remember: this program is for students passing a course. You must complete work to receive any granted credits.If you have only completed 2 credits in a course by the end of this school year, you will not be granted any additional credits - work wisely and don’t procrastinate!  Once students have earned their 3 credits, the teacher will put a date on the credit sheet, meaning the credits have been granted.
4. While we have worked very hard to provide a simple and fair program to assist during these tough times, we understand each Phoenix High School student is in a different position and students may have questions about how this applies to them.  We are here to answer your questions! All questions, concerns, comments about credits should be directed to Mrs. Gruber tgruber@wpusd.org.  Any questions about required work by subject should be directed to the teacher.  
  • Students working on an already modified credit sheet (AB 167 or the WPUSD Alternative Diploma) will not be granted any credits in the courses where credits have already been waived.
We sincerely hope you are safe and healthy during this time.  Communication is a major factor for success at Phoenix High School.  Please contact any staff members at Phoenix if you are struggling. We are here to help you!
Questions about Odysseyware?  Can't log in?  Parents wanting to check on student progress?  Please email Mrs. Gruber at tgruber@wpusd.org.
Phoenix/ATLAS Activities for Learning at Home during COVID-19 Mitigation 

All updates will be posted on the Phoenix website http://phs.wpusd.org/ and Instagram @phs_lincoln, including school closure estimated dates, how to complete work and how to contact teachers/admin/counselor.

STAFF WILL BE AVAILABLE THROUGH EMAIL.  We will check email from 8am-12pm. 
ELA: Mrs. Nelson: jnelson@wpusd.org
MATH: Mrs. Gruber: tgruber@wpusd.org
SCIENCE/CAREER ED: Mr. Alcorn: dalcorn@wpusd.org
SOCIAL SCIENCE: Mr. Nelson: cnelson@wpusd.org
COUNSELOR: Ms. Z: mzimmerman@wpusd.org
PRINCIPAL: Chuck Whitecotton: cwhitecotton@wpusd.org
SCIENCE: Ms. MacQueen: kmacqu2@wgu.edu 

Each subject will have varying ways to earn credits at home.  We will be using credit sheets and updating credits in blue. TWO CREDITS PER WEEK IS STILL EXPECTED.  Mrs. Z will be contacting all graduating seniors.  

English Requirements for COVID-19 Closure updated 3/20/20
No More Odysseyware TESTS! :)  Instead complete all projects to the best of your ability.  They will be worth a higher percentage of your overall grade! 

You have two choices for essays:
From the regular WP packets for your grade level AND
For every essay you have to write for History you will earn an English credit!  See below for more info. 

  • Essays will be submitted to turnitin.com for anti plagiarism.  I have many papers to grade, please do not waste my time by sending me a copied essay.  If I find plagiarism you will have to totally start over or do a different topic.  
  • If you are done with an entire OW unit and you are at the test, email me.  I will give you a credit and skip the test so you can move on to the next unit.  

Two credits for ONE essay in English/History during the COVID-19 closure!

For any of your history classes you can write a WP on the Essential Question and earn one history credit and one English WP!  Type an essay on the EQ (see requirements below) and submit the essay to Mr. Nelson on docs. Both Mr. and Mrs. Nelson will read the essay and give you a History and English credit for it.    

Format for Essay:
  • Introductory paragraph with thesis statement.
  • Body paragraph lesson 1
  • Body paragraph lesson 2
  • Body paragraph lesson 3
  • Body paragraph lesson 4
  • Conclusion

  • There are usually 4 lessons per module or chapter but the requirement is to have as many body paragraphs as there are lessons.  MOST essays will be 6 paragraphs long.  

    In-text citations and Works Cited page required for all essays.  

    In-text citation example, you must do two per paper:
    Quote used in essay: 
    “The Constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.” (Fraser)  
    The author's last name is put into parentheses and goes right after a quote. You must use TWO quotes from the history book in your essay.  

    Works cited example, goes on a seperate sheet at the end of the essay with the title ‘Works Cited’ at the top:

    Works Cited
    Fraser, James W. The School in the United States: a Documentary History. Routledge, 2019.

    LASTLY, include your History notes at the end of your work cited page.  You will not get credit without them.

    ODYSSEYWARE: If you have reached a test in Odysseyware you have two options:  
    Email Mrs. Gruber and she will skip the test and you can continue to work on the next unit.  Tests can be taken when school resumes.
  • Email Mrs. Gruber that you are ready to test.  A time will be scheduled for you to take a google.doc written test that Mrs. Gruber will share with you.  The test will be timed and all work on the test must be shown on the google doc. This test will be monitored by Mrs. Gruber.
  • PACKETS: If you have completed a packet and would like the next packet, email Mrs. Gruber and she will email you the next packet.  For the packet tests you have two options:
  • Do not take any test until school resumes.
  • Email Mrs. Gruber that you are ready to test.  A time will be scheduled for you to take a google.doc written test that Mrs. Gruber will share with you.  The test will be monitored by Mrs. Gruber.

    You have three options to earn credits in these crazy times:
  • Do the regular work on Google Classroom and take a test when we get back.
  • Do the regular work on Google Classroom and take an oral exam with Mr. Nelson through Google Voice or Google Meet.  We can set up a time through email.
  • Do the regular work on Google Classroom and type a 2-3 page paper answering the ESSENTIAL QUESTION with in-text citation and work cited (MLA format).  You will be able to get an English WP for this as well!  

    3 ways to earn credits
  • Do the regular work and take a test when we get back. Graduating Seniors ONLY you can request a test to be opened and I will monitor it at home online. (email to arrange test)
  • Do the regular work and take an oral exam with me through Google Voice or Google Meet.  We can set up that time once you email me.
  • Do the regular work and write a 2-3 page paper on a topic of your choice relevant to the unit with in-text citation and work cited (MLA format).  

  • PE:
  • Complete PE log - every 20 hours = 1 credit. Must be signed and then email to Chuck.
  • Complete 5 days of 10000 steps.  Take a picture of phone and email to Ms. Gruber.  

  • All instructions for the senior project are located here.  Senior Project Guide

    Work on packets you already have or if you need a packet email teacher for an electronic version.  The packet is a PDF so you will need to create a google doc with your answers and share it with Mr. Alcorn. 

  • Do the regular work and take a test when we get back.
  • Do the regular work and take an oral exam with me through Google Voice or Google Meet.  We can set up that time once you email me.

  • ATLAS: Use GMail or current means of communication to check in with case manager at least once per week.  Weekly hours are still required! Adam is available on Remind with any questions/concerns. 

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