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College Information & Requirements

Naviance: PHS College & Career Preparation

What is Naviance?

Naviance is a college and career readiness program.  A lot of students today have questions about their future, and they don't see the link between what they are doing in the classroom and what they hope to do in the future.  Naviance College and Career Readiness connects learning and life.  It puts each student on a personalized path to future success by helping them discover their individual strengths and talents and to explore career options based on their results.  Then, it gives the students tools to search for college programs, based on their interests, determining which courses they need to take to reach their goals and identify areas for improvement.

How do I log on?

You log on the same way you would to any PHS computer:
Log in: (grad year)(last name)(first initial)(middle initial)
Password: Your student ID number

Career Ed Mondays

Career Ed Mondays are a series of Mondays where each student will be working on their Career Ed work during Mr. Alcorn's class period.  Mrs. Hollis, our school counselor, and Mr. Alcorn will be assisting students and answering any questions relating to Career Ed.  These Mondays will be devoted on working towards your "C" and planning what you will be doing after you graduate.


Phoenix High School Graduation Requirements