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Summer School


summer school 2021 video

Summer School will begin Monday, June 21 and must be completed by Friday, July 30.

Summer School 2021 will have an Independent Study format. All work will be via the online platform called Odysseyware (for English, Math, Geography, World History and Health), thru Google Classroom (for US History for all students, Economics and Government for Phoenix and ATLAS students), and through Cyber Hi (for Economics, Government and English 12 for LHS students)  The teachers will be available to help students through the help button, Google Classroom and email. Expect that there will be at least a 24 hour turnaround time to answer questions. Do not expect a response on the weekend.

In addition this year we will be having regular tutoring and a quiet place to work at Phoenix High School.  This is also where you will be taking your tests (note: English courses do not require a test).  Sign up for a spot here:
There are no attendance requirements. All work may be completed off campus.  The office will be open Monday - Thursday 8am - 12pm for counseling and questions - 916-645-6395.

There will be NO PARTIAL credits given to LHS students! You must finish the course and each of the requirements with a passing grade in EACH UNIT.

There is a pacing guide in Odysseyware that will help you complete the course on time. Please use the due dates to help you.

Each course has its own syllabus. Please refer to the syllabus for specific questions about a course, what work is required and how it is graded.

NOTE: We will have a counselor, Mrs. Zimmerman ( working to communicate progress during the summer.  But do not expect anyone to remind you to get work completed. Credit recovery is ALL UP TO THE STUDENT!!!





Mrs. Gruber (General questions, Learning Center Questions, Mathematics)

Mrs. Zimmerman (Counselor)

Mrs. Nelson (English)

Mr. Nelson (US History, Econ/Gov for Phoenix and ATLAS)

Mr. Alcorn (Health)

Ms. MacQueen (World History, Geography)

Mrs. Cramer (Econ/Gov and English 12 for LHS)