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About Us

Our vision/mission statement is ”Every student is empowered to develop purpose, values and positive habits that lead to

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personal and academic success.” It is our mission to create a program in which staff, students, parents, and the community work collaboratively to foster and encourage student learning. Phoenix’s curricular emphasis is based on the state’s common-core standards while focused on the various learning styles and achievement levels of our students. Student Outcomes or (ESLER’s) are the motivating force in curricular development and teaching methodology. The Student Outcomes are intended to encourage and challenge students to become the following:

  • Responsible citizens
  • Effective communicators
  • Academic achievers
  • Career planners
  • Healthy individuals

Students complete assignments, portfolios and projects to measure progress in meeting our Outcome goals. To ensure completion, a senior project based on the ESLER’s is required for graduation. The administration and staff have high expectations for our students and strive to give them the opportunity to be successful and return to the comprehensive high school or graduate from Phoenix. The choice is always theirs.